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Small cars for everyday needs

We are building a range of small cars reinventing everyday mobility

Discover the K1, the French micro electric car designed to meet all your mobility needs, combining comfort, accessibility and respect of the environment.

Daily and versatile use

The K1 is designed to be an everyday vehicle, suitable for urban life and frequent travel, whether in rural or urban areas, for all individuals.

Accessibility and versatility for all.

Four seats and accessible: The K1 is an affordable and spacious vehicle with four seats, offering a practical mobility solution for everyone.

Comfort for four

As a light electric vehicle, the K1 contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and participates in the energy transition, for a more environmentally friendly future.

Quality & safety

Quality, safety, and French manufacturing: The K1 is made in France with high-quality materials, ensuring optimal safety for passengers

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