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Ultra Light Electric Vehicle for your everyday needs

We are building a range of ultra light electric vehicle "to reinvent" everyday mobility.

A picture of the material used for theconcept K1
Kate's logo in red

A revolution in motion

If bicycles are the best way for one person to get somewhere, we need cars to carry people and goods. However, most car brands frantically race to performance and tech one-upmanship.

We are paving a new way for everyday cars. A way back to what is essential. Where state-of-the-art simplicity meets the pure joy of going there. Where high-end sustainability meets low-maintenance.

Our car is light, intuitive, reliable, affordable and in harmony with its environment.

Roadmap of our next

cars’ launches

February 2023

A red Nosmoke parked in a driveway

The Original

The exclusive car for everyday leisure

The back of the K1


The micro-car for everyday needs

Summer 2023

To be continued

Logo of Kate on the K1 car

Our next cars

Our next car’s models are just around the corner

A wheel of the K1 concept

Light is (truly) right

The micro-car is a solution to the decarbonization of the automobile and is, above all, more accessible to use and maintain than a combustion engine car. Advanced technology for simplicity and intuitiveness. Without gimmicks or overkill. As if you had always known how to use it.

Feel the thrill of every ride

Maximum freedom, spontaneous trips to bring joy to your day.
State-of-the-art simplicity Une technologie de pointe au service de la simplicité et de l’intuitivité. Sans gadget ni surenchère. Comme si vous aviez toujours su l’utiliser.

A white Nosmoke with a steering wheel
A Nosmoke car parked in a sand field

Go with the flow

A mode of transport that fits into the multi-modal flow, complementary to the bicycle and the train, for the city as well as for the countryside. Respectful of other road users

Experiment Industrial craftsmanship

With a 10-year experience in manufacturing cars, we see our automotive production as an industrial craft with sky-high standards. All our vehicules are designed and manufactured in Cerizay, France.

The front of a white Nosmoke with group of surfers standing next to a white truck

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