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Kate Accelerates with €10 Million Funding and New Managing Director

We are delighted to announce that Kate has appointed Paul Quéveau as its new Managing Director. This strategic decision aligns with the company's recent achievement of €10 million in funding under the France 2030 initiative, positioning Kate for accelerated production and marketing of its iconic car, Kate Original, and an expanded range of mobility solutions for both rural and urban areas.

Driving Innovation with €10 Million Funding

Kate's alignment with European strategic objectives and French national priorities has resulted in substantial financial support from the French government's France 2030 initiative, the European Union's Next Generation EU program, and the "France Relance" plan. The €10 million funding, with over 70% in grants, will propel Kate's technological development aimed at enhancing car energy efficiency and everyday mobility.

Notably, the innovative low-tech platform, the skateboard, will be the cornerstone for our upcoming K1 project. This modular platform integrates technologies in motorization, battery systems, and overall architecture, ensuring optimized battery autonomy and efficiency in everyday mobility.

Paul Quéveau Assumes Leadership at Kate

In steering Kate through the upcoming phase of industrial growth, we are thrilled to introduce Paul Quéveau as the newly appointed Managing Director.

Paul Quéveau is an industry leader with two decades of experience in electric car development. His background, which includes pivotal roles at Heuliez and Valmet, uniquely positions him to contribute to Kate's vision of lightweight, sustainable mobility.

Kate's Vision for Sustainable Mobility

In 2023, over 98% of trips in France were short-distance, with 65% of these made by car, contributing to 14% of greenhouse gas emissions.¹

Kate aims to address this reality by advocating for lightweight four-wheeled cars, providing an eco-friendly mode of transportation tailored to user needs.

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