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The micro-car: the future of everyday mobility

In 2023, everyday mobility (trips of under 80 km) will account for 98% of travel in France; 83% of these journeys involve a car. These short trips are responsible for 14% of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. This reality is the driving force behind Kate; the company aims to accelerate the sustainable transition towards an environmentally friendly mode of transport which is tailored to users’ needs and expectations.

Kate champions the idea of light four-wheeled vehicles which are suitable for transporting goods and people. Although cycling is the most efficient way for individuals to travel short distances, cars are unbeatable when it comes to covering longer distances, whether in the city or the countryside.

"We are genuinely convinced that two-ton SUVs, whether they’re thermal or even electric, are not the future of everyday mobility. Used for everyday journeys, tomorrow’s car will be light, clean and energy-efficient and will offer equal protection for drivers, passengers and other road users. It will ensure the decarbonization of the automotive industry but its success will be guaranteed by the fact that it will be less expensive to produce, use and maintain than a traditional car,” explains Matthias Goldenberg, Kate's CEO and co-founder.

The name Kate comes from "Kei Car" (or 軽自動車 in Japanese), a term for the micro-cars which were originally developed in Japan in the 1950s. Today, they still account for 40% of the cars registered in Japan and are highly regarded for their practicality and affordability.

Kate’s vision of tomorrow's car

Boasting a new vision which reflects contemporary developments, Kate is paving the way for a genuine paradigm shift in the automotive world.

From the car to the micro-car

Kate believes that tomorrow's car for everyday use will inevitably be small and light to meet energy and environmental challenges. Consequently, Kate is focused on the development of a range of micro-cars which are tailored to different uses.

Rediscovering the pleasure of driving

The race for power and performance is over. Today, it's time to rediscover the simple and spontaneous pleasure of driving, along with the joy of travelling with a sense of total freedom in a vehicle which boasts envy-inducing design.

A new mantra: more respectful & more responsible

Kate's micro-car is a sustainable soft mobility solution for everyday use. Blending perfectly into urban traffic, it respects the role and rhythm of each and every road user.

Ethical values and local production

Today, there’s real meaning behind every consumer decision. Kate encourages consumers to adopt a responsible and sustainable micro-car which is manufactured in France in excellent industrial and ethical conditions.

"The idea isn’t just to create a new range of vehicles but an entire state of mind, focused on pleasure and simplicity. Matthias, Pierre and I have been inspired by these perennial values to develop our new range of micro-cars." says Thibaud Elzière, Kate’s co-founder.