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Vote for Kate: Leading the Charge in the 2024 Rider's Choice Awards for Best NEVs

Kate is nominated for the Rider's Choice Awards 2024 -
Best Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) Company 2024

We at Kate are thrilled to be nominated for the prestigious Rider's Choice Awards 2024, an honor bestowed by the esteemed community. Our competitors in this category include some of the most innovative and exciting names in the light electric vehicle world.
We are in great company, but we believe in what makes Kate unique.

Kate's Journey to Innovation and Sustainability

Founded in 2022 by Matthias Goldenberg, Pierre Escrieut, and Thibaud Elzière, Kate has rapidly made its mark in the world of micromobility. Our commitment to everyday mobility and the development of light electric vehicles for urban and rural living has set us apart in the industry.

With our acquisition of NOSMOKE, the iconic French car manufacturer, we've expanded our offering with the model “K0” – a modern version of the beloved vehicle from the 1960s.

How to Vote for Kate?

Your vote is crucial for Kate's success at the Rider's Choice Awards 2024.

Voting is simple:

1. Visit the official Rider's Choice Awards 2024 voting page.
2. Look for Kate in the "Best Light Electric Vehicles" category.
3. Click on "Vote for Kate."

Please note that voting is open until November 15, 2023. We count on your support!

Our Connection to

Our relationship with, led by figures like James Gross, has been deep and meaningful since Kate's inception. We were thrilled when they were among the first to congratulate us on our launch. Our participation at this year's Micromobility Europe expo was another milestone, where we met our coalition partners and formed the vital Microcar Coalition.

Kate's Vision for Tomorrow's Mobility

Kate stands for a future where light electric vehicles shape everyday mobility.
Our goal is to create vehicles that are both environmentally friendly and efficient, while redefining the joy of driving.
We look forward to driving into this exciting future with you.

We are convinced that Kate is making a difference in the world of micromobility, and we hope you share this conviction.
Your vote at the Rider's Choice Awards 2024 will not only support Kate but also send a strong message for sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.

Please don't forget to vote for Kate, and help us shape the future of everyday mobility.
Thank you for your support!

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