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Kate Raises €7M in Seed Funding, Delivers First Cars, and Accelerates Development of Model K1

We are proud to announce that Kate, the French electric microcar brand, has recently closed a successful seed funding round and delivered its first vehicles.
Our aim is to manufacture lightweight electric vehicles that are tailored to meet the challenges of responsible mobility.

At Kate, we successfully defend the idea of lightweight four-wheel vehicles that are designed for everyday use and address the energy and environmental problems of daily life. We draw inspiration from the Japanese "Kei Cars," which are still highly sought-after in Japan today due to their practicality and affordable price.

We have already introduced our first version of an electric microcar called "Kate Original" to the market and were able to deliver the first vehicles within just three months of starting production. We achieved this through efficient production directly in France. "Kate Original" is available in 14 different colors and offers ranges of 100 to 200 km. Customers can now order the vehicle online through our website.

We have also recently raised €7 million in funding to accelerate the development of our concept for the K1 microcar, which will accommodate up to four people and be perfect for daily transportation, shopping, or commuting in the city or countryside.

Our seed funding round was supported by notable investors from the technology and automotive industries, including Julien Lemoine (CTO/founder of Algolia and racecar driver), Emmanuelle Brizay (AC8 INVEST), Christophe Maurissen (CEO of ALCOGROUP), Romain Afflelou (CEO of Cosmo Connected), Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle (founder of Theodo), and Antoine Leconte (founder of Cheerz).

With our clear vision for the future of daily mobility and our focus on developing micro-cars that are lightweight and address environmental concerns, we have already achieved a unique position in the automotive industry. The acquisition of NOSMOKE in December 2022 has also given us the necessary expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing and thus provided us with an edge in a fast-moving sector.

Our successes demonstrate that it is possible to build an automobile company that caters to the needs and expectations of users. By promoting the idea of lightweight electric vehicles that are designed for daily use, we are making a positive impact on the future of mobility.