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Kate Original et les voiles de Saint-Tropez

Under the Spell of Saint-Tropez and its Sails

Saint-Tropez, this quaint fishing village, reconnects with its old-world charm during the 25th edition of "Voiles de Saint-Tropez."
Stemming from a sailor's challenge in 1981, this event is now one of the sailing world's most esteemed, gathering over 250 of the globe's most grand sailboats.
But it's not just the maritime spectacle that draws visitors worldwide. It's also the opportunity to experience genuine Tropezian life in exquisite settings.

Discovering Kate and the Charm of St. Tropez

Everyone's talking about Kate and its rendezvous with the glamorous St. Tropez. If you're planning to dive into the allure of the French Riviera, we've got the essentials lined up for you. Here's where to stay, when to go, and how to experience our iconic car, Kate.

Where to Stay
The French Riviera, with its sun-soaked beaches and azure waters, offers numerous luxurious havens. If St. Tropez is on your radar, consider the following:

Hôtel Lou Pinet: A fusion of bohemian charm and 60's vintage chic, this hotel is perfect for those looking to relive the era when St. Tropez became a glittering gem on the Riviera.
Pan Deï Palais: Situated at the heart of the village, it's a serene oasis amid the lively vibrance of St. Tropez. The garden, azure blue pool, and world-class service make it a must-visit.
Château de La Messardière: Overlooking the Pampelonne Bay, this estate, set on 12.5 hectares of land, offers an immersive experience amidst nature. It's an epitome of luxury with a rich Riviera heritage.

When to Go
September is a magical time in St. Tropez, especially with the "Voiles de Saint-Tropez" event. The town comes alive with maritime festivities, making it the ideal period to experience the genuine Tropezian spirit.

Driving the Kate Original
Our Kate Original, a symbol of luxury and authenticity, awaits you in St. Tropez. Guests of Hôtel Lou Pinet, Pan Deï Palais, and Château de La Messardière have the exclusive opportunity to experience a drive in Kate.
Let the coastal winds play with your hair as you drive through winding Riviera roads, making memories that last a lifetime.

So, if St. Tropez and Kate are on your bucket list, now you know how to craft an unforgettable experience. Dive deep into the heart of the French Riviera and let the allure of Kate elevate your journey.

Our Bond with St. Tropez and the Open Seas

St. Tropez isn't just another picturesque destination for us; it's part of our legacy. Our ties to this radiant Riviera gem aren't only historical or familial, but they deeply resonate with our brand's ethos and commitment to craftsmanship.

The romance between us and St. Tropez doesn't end at sun-soaked streets and vibrant bistros. It extends to the vast azure, to the boats that gracefully cruise the Mediterranean. Our accessories, especially our signature soft covers known as Bimini, are crafted by local Sailmaker. This collaboration not only embodies our dedication to authenticity and local craftsmanship but also strengthens our bond with St. Tropez's rich maritime heritage.

Experience Kate in St. Tropez
Are you ready to feel the allure of St. Tropez while cruising in one of our iconic vehicles? Register your interest for a test drive in this Mediterranean paradise. Contact us here, and our team will swiftly get in touch to curate a memorable experience for you. Dive into our story, experience our craft, and let the winds of St. Tropez guide you on an unforgettable journey.