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Discover Kate's Expansion into Knokke-Heist, Belgium!

In September 2023, Knokke-Heist welcomed us with open arms during the unforgettable Kate Roadshow. The town's warm hospitality and refined ambiance left a lasting impression on us.

Today, we're thrilled to share some exciting news: Kate is officially establishing a presence in Knokke-Heist! Even more exciting, Kate is now eligible for a €5,000 grant in Flanders, making it easier for environmentally conscious individuals to embrace our iconic electric vehicle, inspired by the sleek designs of the 1960s.

But that's not all – we're proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Silas and his team at Niagara Cars. Now, you can schedule a test drive with Silas in Knokke-Heist and experience firsthand all the features and benefits that Kate has to offer.

This marks a significant milestone for the entire Kate team, and we're eager to embark on this journey with you. Join us in Knokke-Heist as we pave the way for the future of electric mobility with Kate.

In other news, the recent launch of electric vehicle grants in Flanders has been met with overwhelming success. Within just three hours, over 1,400 grant applications flooded in through the dedicated digital portal. The majority of requests were for new cars, indicating a strong interest in transitioning to electric vehicles.

The grants offer €5,000 for new cars priced below €40,000 and €3,000 for used vehicles with a catalogue value of up to €60,000. To qualify, vehicles must be ordered from September 25th onwards and registered no earlier than January 1st, 2024. Eligible vehicles include passenger cars, vans, and "microcars" (category L7e-C) that are "zero-emission." Additionally, used vehicles must be between 3 and 8 years old.

This initiative underscores Flanders' commitment to promoting sustainable transportation options and reducing carbon emissions. For more information, visit the dedicated portal to view the list of eligible models and submit your grant application.

Together, let's drive towards a greener, more sustainable future. Join the Kate movement today!

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